WWDC 2013

WWDC 2013

Just announced this morning, WWDC 2013 will be taking place June 10-14, 2013. Tickets go on sale tomorrow, April 25, at 10:00 am PDT. This is a change, announcing the ticket sales the day before, so we will see how fast they sell out.

An interesting change about the recorded sessions can be found on the More page:

Can’t make it to WWDC?  We’ll be posting videos of all our sessions during the conference, so Registered Apple Developers can take advantage of great WWDC content.

The emphasis is mine above. Even though I won’t be going, it will be fun to see the sessions soon after they are done that week.

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My First Year in the App Store

iOS InspirationTrevor McKendrick is going to be releasing a number of posts outlining how his first year as a member of the App Store went. The first post is a good introduction and I’m subscribed for the rest.

I especially liked the transformation his app has undertaken in just a single year. Quite a difference, but still amazingly useful in the first iteration.

Inspiration to say the least.


Daft Punk | Random Access Memories

It is coming May 21, 2013.

You can pre-order it on iTunes.

Here is the “Get Lucky” ad which aired during SNL.

I’m excited.


Windows 8.1 will include boot to desktop option to bypass ‘Metro’ interface

We understand that the hot corner functionality, for access to the Charms and Start Screen, will remain intact if the boot to desktop option is enabled. References to a “CanSuppressStartScreen” option in early builds of the Windows 8.1 registry were recently discovered by members of the My Digital Life forum, but a UI to enable the feature doesn’t appear to be present.

It is a step in the right direction, but not far enough. I like some things about the Metro UI, but I also think that, overall, the insistence on it being the only “true” UI for Windows 8 has hurt Microsoft and Windows 8 immensely. There is a lot to like about Windows 8 (if you use Windows), but the UI seems to have scared people off.

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Facebook Home ads show Facebook at its worst

While I agree with Josh Elman that the ads for Facebook Home have been pretty bad, I cannot, at least fully, agree with the following (from the opening paragraph):

We are more closely connected than ever before, and sharing a special moment or idea has become a natural and primary instinct for most people.

I’d say that people can argue that the opposite is true. We’re less connected with the people around us and we share things which are more trivial and matter very little. The ease by which we can share has enabled that.

I’m more guilty of that than most.