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Episode 12: Apple’s Watch Event

Apple held an event that you might have heard of. They are releasing some larger phones, a payment system, and … a watch!?

Apple Watch

Yes, a watch. I’ll cover my initial thoughts after watching the keynote (see the link above).

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Episode 11: A Holistic Approach to Service Management

I decided to post an episode instead of trying to get a post out. This one talks about a particularly complex problem I am trying to tackle in an integrated way at work.

The tracking of assets, people, and setting of some network security settings based upon those things needs a refresh and I am still struggling with what to do. Here are some links:

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Episode 10: Accidentally Misunderstood

Wow, it has been a LONG time … but I’m back for a short episode. I’m focusing mostly on misunderstandings about why Apple does what they do and how they go about doing them.

In regards to web technologies, or what people think are web technologies.

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Episode 9: WWDC Fallout

WWDC Sold Out

WWDC 2013 sold out in around 2 minutes on Thursday, April 25. That’s crazy.

So this week I am talking WWDC tickets. Here are the articles I talked about in the podcast:

Once again: my opinions mean less than nothing because I have no skin in the game and no real reason to be giving voice to this anyway. However, it has been four months since I did one of these so I thought I’d record instead of write.

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Episode 8: The Geek God Complex

Something a little different this time, so I might go a little beyond 15 minutes. I’m talking Geek Culture and the Geek God Complex today, so bear with me.

I know this is a departure for me, but I thought I’d try to record my thoughts on an expansive subject for once. This thing has taken me over a month to record and I’ve thrown away a few drafts during that time.

Thanks for listening.

UPDATE: I’d like to just take a moment and say that neither one of the links I provided above is an example of what I’m talking about, they were merely the starting-points for my mind to go off on a tangent that I had been thinking about for a while.