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More on IT Partnerships

My friend, Nate Beran, just posted a great article about his views on IT partnerships. I recommend you go and take a look yourself if you have any interest in the seemingly endless talk about shipping more and more things away from internal IT departments to 3rd parties.

Here is the salient paragraph for me:

So what does a partnership mean to me now? It is a relationship where an MSP/vendor provides me services I need AND assumes enough of my risk to create a vested interest in my success and growth.

Very good. Very, very good.


HP Moonshot

I don’t deal with server hardware a ton, but these past two weeks have seen me installing a few RAID cards and working with XenServer quite a bit so the latest server offerings from HP caught my eye.


So cool. So dense. I’m hoping that we see more and more work done to bring low-power-multi-core computing into the server room.



If you use CocoaPods for iOS or Mac development (and I am going to be trying to do this soon), then you might want to take a look at this new site trying to compile together Cocoa and Cocoa Touch documentation.

Looks cool.