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  • Put macOS on the iPad, you cowards

    Put macOS on the iPad, you cowards by Monica Chin, The Verge Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and I would imagine that what is shared in this article is probably a shared opinion by a good number. Here is the central idea: But now that the iPad Pro is an M1 system, I […]

  • Subscription Apps, Default Apps, and Cloud Services

    1Password has received some negative press because of their push for more users to switch from purchasing the app outright to a subscription model and the use of their own syncing service. They have responded on Twitter in this fashion to see of the complaints: We have no plans to remove support for current local vaults. […]

  • Laptop Replacement

    Laptop Replacement by Matt Gemmell So you want to potentially not use a laptop anymore, but you also want a computer that does all the same things as a laptop, in pretty much the same way. In which case, I think the computer you’re looking for is a laptop. This is the mindset Apple seems […]

  • Giving the iPad a full-time job

    Giving the iPad a full-time job by Justin Searls (Medium) Here is the money quote from the beginning: As a result, I’ve come around to a more nuanced view of productivity: that of a tenuous balance between friction and focus. “Friction” is the necessary turning of knobs on my tools in order to do work. […]

  • Stanford iOS 8 Course Now Available

    Stanford iOS 8 Course Now Available

    The Developing iOS 8 Apps with Swift course from Stanford University is now available on iTunes U … … and it is entirely in Swift! Obviously. I’m done with the first lecture and half through the second. I’ve started a number of the old classes, but never finished since I ended up finding them after […]