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  • Subscription Apps, Default Apps, and Cloud Services

    1Password has received some negative press because of their push for more users to switch from purchasing the app outright to a subscription model and the use of their own syncing service. They have responded on Twitter in this fashion to see of the complaints: We have no plans to remove support for current local vaults. […]

  • Ask a Repair Shop

    Ask a Repair Shop by Philip Yurchuk An interesting look at the mindset around the purchasing of enterprise software. Obviously, there is no simple answer to all of the problems inherent with the purchasing and managing of large software products, but speaking with those who work with integrating solutions within similar institutions can be enlightening.

  • Choosing Your Tools Again

    Choosing Your Tools Again

    I forgot one huge thing, at least for me, when I am looking at tools: how they look. It is completely and totally superfluous to an extent, but I won’t deny that how a tool looks (thinking of software mainly, but the same goes for hardware) does have an effect on how much I enjoy […]

  • Choosing Your Tools

    Choosing Your Tools

    What sorts of questions does one ask when choosing a tool? I’m running into issues right now in my own head when it comes to choosing the tools I want to use for my work. It doesn’t matter if it is for my day job as a sysadmin or at night attempting to somehow fall […]

  • Learning iOS Programming … Again

    Time to dig into the past again … something I have been hoping to do but never jumped in and actually accomplish. I’ll let you, the reader, search through the archives to find my failed attempts at learning iOS development/programming along with any number of other technologies. It is really a running joke in my […]