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  • 79. Self-Learning vs. Online Instruction

    79. Self-Learning vs. Online Instruction Research shows that online classes are most effective when there is substantial interaction among the students and between the students and the instructor. In this episode, Dr. Spiros Protopsaltis and Dr. Sandy Baum join us to discuss the possible adverse effects of proposed changes in federal regulations that may reduce […]

  • Laptop Required: Teaching Online While Mobile

    It was not terribly long ago that I had almost completely rid myself of carrying a laptop. I was able to keep a desktop at home, a desktop at work, and a tablet for those times I was traveling and really needed to get online for something more involved than checking my phone. However, that […]

  • teaching from the Kindle

    teaching from the Kindle by Alan Jacobs And let me tell you, friends, teaching a book from a Kindle stinks. Big time. That is the money quote. Read the comments as well because they are quite good and extend on the article quite ably and usefully. There is the need to adjust teaching methods to […]

  • yet another post about making distinctions

    yet another post about making distinctions by Alan Jacobs I have to move slowly with some of these things, because by and large my students mistrust and are deeply uncomfortable with such technologies. But all of them are, at least in potentia, pedagogically fruitful. I know there is always talk about the new digital natives […]

  • resistance is futile, part zillion

    resistance is futile, part zillion by Alan Jacobs That’s where we are now with the true-believing digerati: there is no time at which it is legitimate to unplug. There are no good pedagogical reasons for focusing, for less than three hours per week, on learning to use codexes better. Everyone must conform to the all-digital-all-the-time […]