Inadvertent Post

Earlier today a post I had originally published in 2010 was inadvertently updated and the published date moved to today. That was a mistake on my part.

That post was originally published in the summer 2010 when we were getting ready to move to the Milwaukee area. Since then we have moved back to Minnesota and we are not in the process of moving again.

Again, that was my fault.

Have a great week and watch those stray clicks and automation!

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And just like that …

graduation imageI know this blog has been extremely quiet over the past two years, but I am hoping to get back into writing a little bit more going forward …

… and that is because I completed my Master of Arts in IT Leadership from The College of St. Scholastica this past week and graduated on Saturday.  With that is the rear view mirror I can turn some of my attention to other things (like a new daughter, house improvements, my family, etc.). For now, I have updated my Now page.

So, hang tight!

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What am I doing now?

Inspired by Derek Sivers and his /now page, I’ve added a /now page to this site as well. You’ll find a list of the things that I am spending my time on and I’ll attempt to periodically update that list a things shift in the future.

Also, you can visit to see a list of other /now pages.


Revealing Slow Gamers

I’ve been posting a little more about gaming here than I would really like to, so I thought it was about time to change how I do things.

Slow Gamers Logo

I’m announcing the start of Slow Gamers, a website dedicated  to gaming written by myself and my friend, Phil Wels. We’ll post news, previews, reviews, opinions, and other things on the site as time permits and as we can work through the games. The reason for being named “Slow Gamers” is because neither one of us has a ton of time to do things, so we work slowly.

I’ll be writing quite a bit about parenting and video games as that becomes a larger and larger part of my life. I’m going to keep most of my video game writing over there now, so don’t look for it here.


Changes to Comment System

In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve changed the commenting system on the site from Disqus to Jetpack for WordPress (really, the standard WordPress commenting system … just the Jetpack enhancements).

Hopefully all of the old comments are still there and you will not notice any difference either.