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  • Heroes preparing to make the leap

    Heroes preparing to make the leap by Lars Vogdt Some really great infrastructure updates for the openSUSE community. Thank you to everyone involved!d

  • Make the open web cool again?

    It looks like the open web is having a sort of renaissance in certain segments of the web. You can read some articles from John Gruber, Dave Winer, and Joe Cieplinski. The term open web is amorphous and means many things to many different people, so trying to nail down a single definition and meaning is akin […]

  • GusDay 2015 Recap

    My boss, a coworker, and myself jumped into a school-owned vehicle before 6:00 am on Friday and started the 2-hour trip to Macalaster College to attend GusDay 2015. It was the first GusDay any of us had attended in the 15 years since the first GusDay at Gustavus Adolphus College in 2000 and 2001 and has […]

  • I’ll See You at BrainShare 2014

    I’ll See You at BrainShare 2014

    I’m looking forward to being able to attend BrainShare 2014 at the beginning of November. I’ll be there spending as much time as possible learning about the mobile and file-sharing options from Novell and NetIQ and especially focused on our upcoming Novell OES migration. Before that, however, I will have the opportunity to speak with […]

  • Converting Xen Appliances for XenServer Import

    Converting Xen Appliances for XenServer Import

    It is no secret that we use many Novell technologies at Martin Luther College to enable our faculty, staff, and students to get their work done. I’ve blogged about such things many times and I’ll be continuing to do so in the future. I have plans to bring Filr and ZENworks on campus soon to alleviate […]