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  • Converting Xen Appliances for XenServer Import

    Converting Xen Appliances for XenServer Import

    It is no secret that we use many Novell technologies at Martin Luther College to enable our faculty, staff, and students to get their work done. I’ve blogged about such things many times and I’ll be continuing to do so in the future. I have plans to bring Filr and ZENworks on campus soon to alleviate […]

  • Web Tool for XenServer: Xen Orchestra

    While not earth-shattering for most, having a good web-based tool for managing XenServer installations is something I have been looking for since we started our virtualization project at work a few years back. Well, here is Xen Orchestra to do just that! This morning I finally spent the little bit of time it takes to […]

  • How To Upgrade to XenServer 6.2: My Story

    This is my story on how I was able to upgrade our two virtualization stacks to XenServer 6.2. It is a tale of woe, so be prepared. Where to begin … We have two virtualization “stacks” consisting of four servers each. Two servers are for storage (Ubuntu 12.04 boxes using DRBD for replication) and two […]

  • Xen Orchestra

    I’ve been looking around for alternative administrative GUIs for XenServer and happened upon this young project: Xen Orchestra. Web-based? Check. Attractive design? Check. Open source? Check. That’s pretty cool. Go ahead and check it out yourself. It is very young, but it is good to see some life around XenServer now that it is open […]