Web Tool for XenServer: Xen Orchestra

While not earth-shattering for most, having a good web-based tool for managing XenServer installations is something I have been looking for since we started our virtualization project at work a few years back.

Well, here is Xen Orchestra to do just that!

xo21This morning I finally spent the little bit of time it takes to get Xen Orchestra up and running as a virtual appliance on our XenServer infrastructure and so far I have been very pleased with it. It is still very young and needs some time to cook, but it will allow me to do the basic things I need to do from the web instead of needing to spin up my Windows VM to get XenCenter going.

That makes me very happy.

Features are missing, things are sometimes a little clunky, but I think the basic bones of the application are there for all to see and this could end up to be an excellent web-based tool to help anyone with a XenServer of XAPI-based infrastructure.