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  • Review: Effective Monitoring & Alerting

    Review: Effective Monitoring & Alerting

    Effective Monitoring and Alerting by¬†Slawek Ligus¬†was not quite the book I had originally thought I was starting. I was looking for something more prescriptive and I read something far higher up the stack. It wasn’t a bad book, but it was something different from what I went in expecting. The book takes a high-level look…

  • Dark IT

    Dark IT

    Within any organization you have individuals bringing in IT resources from the outside. This is not always a bad thing, but I have found that it is the root cause of many individual problems for individual users. I’m not going to talk about the problems that unsupported technology can cause within an organization. That’s boring…

  • Something About SmallOps

    Something About SmallOps

    DevOps gets all of the press right now (and rightfully so in many respects). If you haven’t already, you should subscribe to DevOps Weekly and enjoy some great, curated articles from around the web specifically targeted at anyone even slightly interested in DevOps. This post isn’t specifically about DevOps, but it is about how I…