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  • Working in Public: The Making and Maintenance of Open Source Software

    Working in Public: The Making and Maintenance of Open Source Software by Nadia Eghbal I just finished this book while walking on the treadmill this morning and I am torn. There are definitely parts that I find insightful, especially as an overall look at the struggles open source communities, founders, contributors, maintainer, etc. run into […]

  • Review: Effective Monitoring & Alerting

    Review: Effective Monitoring & Alerting

    Effective Monitoring and Alerting by Slawek Ligus was not quite the book I had originally thought I was starting. I was looking for something more prescriptive and I read something far higher up the stack. It wasn’t a bad book, but it was something different from what I went in expecting. The book takes a high-level look […]

  • Review: Web Operations

    Review: Web Operations

    I’ve been on an “IT operations” kick with my reading recently, and my choice this time was a little different from the others I have been reading. Web Operations: Keeping the Data On Time by John Allspaw, Jesse Robbins is not immediately applicable (or at least obviously so) to the situation I find myself in every day. […]

  • Review: Time Management for System Administrators

    Review: Time Management for System Administrators

    Continuing along my IT operations book kick, I recently picked up Time Management for System Administrators by Tom Limoncelli on SysAdmin Appreciation Day 2014. Considering I continue to struggle with managing my own time at work every day while not dropping numerous proverbial balls, I thought it would be a good book to dive into. […]

  • Review: The Phoenix Project

    Review: The Phoenix Project

    Back when Mrs. Sallie Draper joined our team at Martin Luther College’s Network Services, she recommended a book for our group to read. Being the person that I am, I filed it away to read in the future and bought it for my Kindle and then promptly forgot about it for far too long. That […]