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A Year of Podcasting

I probably should have written this up earlier, but I’ll go ahead and toss it up now because … well … I’m lazy.

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Over a year ago my friend, Phil Wels, and I started a podcast called This One Podcast. I just posted Episode 55: Unjump the Shark and it is crazy to think we have 55 episodes out there for the world to listen to.

Frightening because we keep doing it and we still have no idea what we are going.

We’ve added another host, Jonas Leyrer, and have also upped the quality of the program’s audio by having Phil handle the editing. He has a lot more experience than I do and I think he’s done an admirable job handling out audio that we toss at him.

We have also been working with a multiple-Skype setup recently to see if we would be able to centralize the recording at a single station where the mixing can happen instead of each of us recording out own audio and then sending it, via Dropbox, to Phil where he needs to import it into his editing program of choice (I think either Garageband or Pro Tools) where he can edit things for us.

I’m using a Blue Snowball microphone for most of my recording and it has worked very well. I would like to purchase something a little more “high end” in the future, but money is too tight for that right now.

The hardest thing for us has been keeping the topics lively, especially because we need to record in the evening when we have all put in a full day of work. While every show hasn’t been phenomenal, we continue to record because it is fun to get together with your friends and see where things go.

If you are considering trying out your own podcast here are my recommendations:

  • Start with what you have because you can always get something better. If you have a microphone on-hand, just go for it.
  • Amazon S3 has been really nice for hosting the files. I don’t have to worry about transfer speeds ¬†because that is on Amazon and using Transmit, from Panic, to upload the files couldn’t be easier. The only problem is that I haven’t been able to figure out how to let Phil also upload the files.
  • If there is more than one host, just try out having each person record their own audio and then mixing it together in Audacity or Garageband. You don’t need to get too fancy.
  • Download Levelator and use it.
  • Keep at it. Set a schedule and keep to it as best as you can.

I don’t have any affiliate links or anything because this is mostly a brain dump. I’m hoping, though, that within the year I’ll be posting about Episode 100 and the delicious cake my wife is going to bake for us.


What Bob’s Listening To 1

I wrote something about this back in June, but I recently trimmed by podcast subscriptions down so that I might be able to get through all of them before the week is out. So, without further ado, here is the list (provided without further comment … yet).

Now, for further comment:

It is a much shorter list than before, but I had to trim it down as much as possible. The only real additions were Mission Log and Core Intuition. I’ll see if Mission Log sticks around, but I’ve liked the first few episodes so far.

I really recommend Hypercritical and Build and Analyze above any other podcasts out there, but Core Intuition is very informative as well from an Apple development perspective (different from Build and Analyze).


Announcing Bob Speaks

You may have seen the first episode go out this morning, but I am officially announcing my own, personal, tiny podcast called Bob Speaks.

It will essentially just be my own thoughts on many different subjects … but kept to 15 minutes or less. I’m sure the first episodes will be terrible, but I hope that it will get better.

When it gets listed with iTunes, I’ll add the link to this site, but until then you can subscribe to the podcast-only feed at¬† Otherwise, the episodes will also go out in the main feed for this site as well.

I hope you enjoy.


Apple’s Podcast App

Apple has released a dedicated Podcast app for iOS and, like most things, it is …


Oh no, who didn’t see this coming?

Head on over to Curious Rat and read his thoughts, he nailed it.

  • This is a simple app … so if you are looking for all of the advanced features of your favorite podcast application, you are not going to find them (shout out to my favorite: Instacast).
  • It’s a free app.
  • I, personally, like the funny tape deck UI that is under the cover art. It’s funny and I only have to see it as often as I want to because I usually start a podcast and then … DO SOMETHING ELSE. If you are a person who feels the need to stare at your podcast app while it plays, find something else.
  • Definitely a 1.0 release. There are some obvious missing things (like syncing your library over iCloud), but this is an initial release of what is supposed to be a simple podcast listening application.
  • We really need to lighten up about the UI decisions that companies make. It is fine to state what you like better, but stating, definitively, that a design or design decision is the WORST POSSIBLE THING THAT YOU COULD HAPPEN IN THE UNIVERSE is not just ridiculous … it’s juvenile. Let’s try and be better. I’m guilty of this too.
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My Podcast Playlist

To start, This One Podcast is still going strong almost a half-year into our first episode! We’ve even added a third host along the way, a long-time friend of Phil and myself, Jonas Leyrer!

So, please, go listen.

Now, onto the meat of this post. I listen to many podcasts during the week, and I’ve listened to many different shows over the years. It really started with This Week in Tech many years ago and I’ve been listening to podcasts since then. I have not kept up with Leo and the gang, but I’ll acknowledge where I started.

However, this is my current playlist in the wonderful iOS app, Instacast:

If you count, that is only five total shows that are not on 5by5.

There is a lot of tech up there and then some more general shows, but it mostly revolves around technology and the culture around technology.

Currently, The Talk Show is the most in danger of falling off of the list. It used to be my #1 show every week, but since the split I haven’t been able to really get back into it as easily. Hypercritical with John Siracusa easily fills the top spot now (since TOP is my own show) along with Build and Analyze (with Marco Arment) and Back to Work (with Merlin Mann) are the only three shows I feel the need to listen to every week.

I’m excited to see what comes of Big Week (since it has not launched completely yet) and also I keep hoping that The Pipeline comes back (since it was a favorite of mine as well … Episode 57 with Aaron Hillegass is still my favorite podcast episodes of all time (from any podcast).

The big change for me has been my increasing need to trim the list down periodically in order to free up some time … otherwise I can find myself listening to podcasts all day.