Apple’s Podcast App

Apple has released a dedicated Podcast app for iOS and, like most things, it is …


Oh no, who didn’t see this coming?

Head on over to Curious Rat and read his thoughts, he nailed it.

  • This is a simple app … so if you are looking for all of the advanced features of your favorite podcast application, you are not going to find them (shout out to my favorite: Instacast).
  • It’s a free app.
  • I, personally, like the funny tape deck UI that is under the cover art. It’s funny and I only have to see it as often as I want to because I usually start a podcast and then … DO SOMETHING ELSE. If you are a person who feels the need to stare at your podcast app while it plays, find something else.
  • Definitely a 1.0 release. There are some obvious missing things (like syncing your library over iCloud), but this is an initial release of what is supposed to be a simple podcast listening application.
  • We really need to lighten up about the UI decisions that companies make. It is fine to state what you like better, but stating, definitively, that a design or design decision is the WORST POSSIBLE THING THAT YOU COULD HAPPEN IN THE UNIVERSE is not just ridiculous … it’s juvenile. Let’s try and be better. I’m guilty of this too.