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Have We Hit Peak Podcast?

Have We Hit Peak Podcast? by Jennifer Miller, NY Times

An interesting piece from the NY Times about the podcast “industry” right now and how many are thinking the “good times are coming to an end” (so to speak). Here is an interesting and salient quote to me:

Call him cynical, but Jordan Harbinger, host of “The Jordan Harbinger Show” podcast, thinks there is a “podcast industrial complex.” Hosts aren’t starting shows “because it’s a fun, niche hobby,” he said. “They do it to make money or because it will make them an influencer.”

When the point is to make money instead of having something interesting to share, or just wanting to have fun doing it, then you are going to burn out or even edit yourself to try and meet some sort of metric, or reach some specific audience because they are going to make you some money.

This is part of the issue with news today, right? It is searching out dollars first and informing the public second. The incentives are messed up and wrong and the interesting writing I remember reading years ago tends to be drowned out by people yelling at each other.

Maybe the end of the “podcast industry” isn’t a bad thing, overall, for the culture.

This One Podcast Announcements

Some exciting things are happening to This One Podcast!

For starters, we just finished Episode 100! Pretty crazy that our little show has continued to plug along for so many episodes, so the three of us hosts are very pleased to have the milestone behind us. I guess next would come Episode 1000, right?

TOP LogoAlong with that, we’re announcing a few changes not to the format or anything, but to our hosting. From the inception we have hosted This One Podcast on a local WordPress installation and Amazon S3. We switched to using YouTube to host the video recording and then Simplecast for hosting the audio not too long ago and today we’re announcing that we have switched everything (but video) over to Simplecast.

Simplecast just rolled out their website hosting for podcast sites and we have gone through and cleaned up the descriptions for our old episodes and now everything is being hosted over at Simplecast. We are really pumped about this because it will just make things easier for us in both the long-and-short terms.

Because of the change, if you have subscribed to our RSS feed with your podcast client, I would recommend re-subscribing just to make sure you are getting the up-to-date feed. I’ll be turning off the old site later today.

We are going to be changing the format of the podcast a bit as well … by introducing a book club of sorts. We don’t have a book chosen yet, but we will let everyone know when the time comes.

Thank you everyone for listening!



I have a friend trying out Simplecast right now for some simple podcast hosting and from what he has been telling me, it sounds like a really good service with a bright future if people support it.

If you are looking for a dead-simple way to host your podcast files, this would be something to toss at them. I have heard that they are planning on adding podcast sites and after the nightmare that is trying to host your own podcast using many of the WordPress plugins, will be something I look into for future shows I might do.


Missing Podcasts

I listen to podcasts as a primary form of both entertainment and education. Recently, however, I’ve found myself unsubscribing from various long-time subscriptions because the feeling I was having was this:

Oh no, another episode just showed up. I know I should listen to it, but man … it is such a chore.

Does that make any sense?


So I’ve whittled my subscriptions down to three to five shows I still find quite interesting. However, I have noticed that there is a lack of podcasts I am really interested in within a few sectors the technology industry: SUSE/openSUSE, higher ed technology (campus technology), and IT service management.

Because of this, I am putting out the clarion call for your podcast referrals in those three areas. I know where to find many development and Apple-centric podcasts, I don’t need help with that. SUSE/openSUSE, higher ed tech, and IT service management … those are the three I am looking for.


A Nintendo Followup

My friends and I talked, at length, about Nintendo and video games on Monday evening during our recording of This One Podcast. I happen to think it is one of our better episodes (we have now completed 80 of them … crazy).

If you want some followup to Bringing Nintendo Back, that is where you can find it.