Missing Podcasts

I listen to podcasts as a primary form of both entertainment and education. Recently, however, I’ve found myself unsubscribing from various long-time subscriptions because the feeling I was having was this:

Oh no, another episode just showed up. I know I should listen to it, but man … it is such a chore.

Does that make any sense?


So I’ve whittled my subscriptions down to three to five shows I still find quite interesting. However, I have noticed that there is a lack of podcasts I am really interested in within a few sectors the technology industry: SUSE/openSUSE, higher ed technology (campus technology), and IT service management.

Because of this, I am putting out the clarion call for your podcast referrals in those three areas. I know where to find many development and Apple-centric podcasts, I don’t need help with that. SUSE/openSUSE, higher ed tech, and IT service management … those are the three I am looking for.