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My Podcast Playlist

To start, This One Podcast is still going strong almost a half-year into our first episode! We’ve even added a third host along the way, a long-time friend of Phil and myself, Jonas Leyrer!

So, please, go listen.

Now, onto the meat of this post. I listen to many podcasts during the week, and I’ve listened to many different shows over the years. It really started with This Week in Tech many years ago and I’ve been listening to podcasts since then. I have not kept up with Leo and the gang, but I’ll acknowledge where I started.

However, this is my current playlist in the wonderful iOS app, Instacast:

If you count, that is only five total shows that are not on 5by5.

There is a lot of tech up there and then some more general shows, but it mostly revolves around technology and the culture around technology.

Currently, The Talk Show is the most in danger of falling off of the list. It used to be my #1 show every week, but since the split I haven’t been able to really get back into it as easily. Hypercritical with John Siracusa easily fills the top spot now (since TOP is my own show) along with Build and Analyze (with Marco Arment) and Back to Work (with Merlin Mann) are the only three shows I feel the need to listen to every week.

I’m excited to see what comes of Big Week (since it has not launched completely yet) and also I keep hoping that The Pipeline comes back (since it was a favorite of mine as well … Episode 57 with Aaron Hillegass is still my favorite podcast episodes of all time (from any podcast).

The big change for me has been my increasing need to trim the list down periodically in order to free up some time … otherwise I can find myself listening to podcasts all day.

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