79. Self-Learning vs. Online Instruction

79. Self-Learning vs. Online Instruction

Research shows that online classes are most effective when there is substantial interaction among the students and between the students and the instructor. In this episode, Dr. Spiros Protopsaltis and Dr. Sandy Baum join us to discuss the possible adverse effects of proposed changes in federal regulations that may reduce the extent of this interaction.

This is a great episode which talks critically about how online education programs can also fail those same people they are meant to serve. For me, lost in some of the discussion around “access” is that online programs have allowed professionals like myself to pursue higher education degrees when I would have just stopped otherwise.

A lot of time and ink is given to other communities, and rightly so, but I am very thankful for the online opportunities that I have been given and is part of the reason that I continue to teach online as well.

Thanks Joe

I have had the privilege to follow the entirety of Joe Mauer’s career with the Minnesota Twins, which is to say his entire career. From the prodigy to the elder statesman on my favorite sports team, Joe has been nothing but a professional.

I have felt more sadness over his (potential) pending retirement than I would have thought, but it is only because of who he was both on and off the field. Looking back, had the knee injury not happened his rookie season and the concussions not caught up with him, I dare to think how great he would, universally, be considered.

While his teams didn’t bring home a World Series, I will always remember Joe Mauer, #7, one of the very best of his era and a legend wearing a Twins uniform.

Thanks Joe.