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Walking to Work

Walking to Work by Sam Soffes

I have been walking to work recently and I am hoping that I can continue to do so more often than I have in the past. At the moment the walk is about 1.1 miles in one direction and takes me around 20 minutes to walk and takes me past my children’s elementary school and two other schools in town before I head up the hill to Martin Luther College.

I enjoyed this post quite a bit and right now I am looking at simplifying my carry up the hill which may include a smaller bag in some way. I was working with a messenger bag for a while, but then the lower back started flaring up again so I went back to my larger backpack. There are just so many options.

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Planning An Internal Conference

Yesterday it was decided to plan and run a small, one-day internal conference focused on technology at Martin Luther College. I’ve been to a number of technology conferences and get-togethers over the years, but this is the first time I am being relied on to plan and manage such an event.

So I’m going to blog about the process … obviously.

To start, I’d love to be able to “sit down” and talk with people who have already run an internal conference. I know there are challenges when you are talking about bringing in many “non-technical” people to talk about the use of technology, so I’d love to be able to get a wider perspective on things.

This is new ground both for me and for the campus and I want to make it worthwhile so that we can continue to hold events like this internally to better improve the organization without the need for catastrophes to be staring us down.

So, I’ll post more in the future but I’d love to hear from people who have experience with this or would just like to sit down and talk through the concept.

Photo by Citrix Systems from Flickr