My iOS 7 Review

I’ve been using iOS 7 on some device since the original developer release during WWDC and I’ve been impressed with how it has shaped up. So, with no hesitation, I recommend you go and update as soon as you can.

It will take a little time to get used to, but I think that the progress Apple has made with the changes, in almost every case, are a good step forward for the platform. The look might seem radically different, but close enough to iOS 6 as to not make it disorienting.

Just go and update as soon as you can. I’m not going to waste any more keystrokes on this.







3 responses to “My iOS 7 Review”

  1. Chris Wiegman Avatar

    Hi Bob. Might want to check that first line. I read it before the headline and wondered “is he suing Apple?”

  2. Bob Martens Avatar

    Thank you, change made.

  3. Michael Knepprath Avatar

    I couldn’t agree more – just get it.

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