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Double Dev

So I’ve been running off of a single MacBook Pro for over a year now but there are two problems with that setup.

Using a single machine requires me to carry the MacBook Pro between home and work every day. Not a huge problem, but if I am going to walk as often as I would like to, it could get more than a little annoying to continually haul a backpack with all of the trimmings up Center Street Hill. If I can eliminate the laptop, I can probably carry a smaller bag.

I also need to spend upwards of 10 to 15 minutes on each end getting the machine setup properly so that I can work. Once again, not a huge deal, but an annoyance. The constant plugging and unplugging on cables is a hassle I wish I did not have.

To try and work around this I spent the evening setting up a new user on my wife’s 2009 MacBook. The idea is to try using this machine as my dev machine while at home an keep the MacBook Pro at work during the main part of the week. The issue will be how well it works for recording our weekly episodes of This One Podcast (shameless self promotion there).

The good part is that web development doesn’t require a ton of computing power outside or compiling dependencies. So far, the MacBook hasn’t burst into flame, so I take that as a good sign.

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I thought you were going to shorten the length of the podcast? Who has time to listen to something that long?

I know I’ve been contemplating a Mac Mini and an air so that I can have a machine plugged in at my desk and have a light portable. Keeping my current MBP at my desk plugged in so much has killed the battery, despite using Watts to cycle it.

Ideally I’d have this setup:

Desktop Mac at work (college)

iPad for going between

Desktop Mac at home
11″ MacBook Air for traveling

That’s a lot of hardware and the Air is probably redundant for me since I try to leave everything at home when I travel. If I had unlimited monies …

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