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A Change of Mind

Nate Beran over at posted Cloudy Future over at his blog and I invite you to go and read it.

With the continual move to “Cloud Computing” in many facets of IT, there is a mindset change that is needed in order to understand how things now work. No longer is your vital service housed in a small closet in the basement, but now it is in a number of huge data centers across the country or globe and being run by an outside vendor so there are going to be unplanned outages along with other issues (ISP having issues? No work done today!) that are outside of the control of your internal IT department.

Sadly, it seems like when a person hears “try again later, there really isn’t anything I can do” they often here “I hate you and I’m not going to do anything”.

That needs to change.

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Good article Bob. Thanks for the heads up and link.

I agree from a couple points of view. First, our ISP here in Oskaloosa (which is a fiber to the home service – not to rub it in), is very good about notifications of service maintenance which happens between 2 and 4 am in the morning. Second, as a hubby of a technology coordinator at a public school, it seems there is never a reasonable time to do maintenance tasks. As service become those its in use 24 x 7, things get hairy. To be honest, doing service from midnight to 6 am is not much fun either.

Good stuff.

All good points. Now there is no good time to do any maintenance because people are going to be using the service sometime … somewhere.

Really wish we had fiber-to-the-home.

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