The Money Will Follow

In the latest issue of Minnesota Business Magazine they have a profile on My Wonderful Life, a website for helping people plan funerals. It’s a quick look at the founders and focuses on their recent appearance on Shark Tank.

There is a quote that just bugs me to no end. Sue Kruskopf, one of the founders, is talking about the increase in traffic to their site after the airing of the Shark Tank episode.

Which proves we have an idea that people are looking for. Now the money will follow.


NOW the money will follow? That way of thinking terrifies me. They have traffic, they have a site, yet they are not making money right now and it doesn’t sound like they have any idea what they are going to do to try and make money either. It is the same “get eyeballs first” mentality that plagues many of the Silicon Valley startups.

I was very disappointed after reading the whole thing.