Building Products

While I am not expert, I really liked the slides from Justin Searls’s presentation called The Mythical Team Month — obviously a riff off of The Mythical Man Month by Frederick Brooks.

This is my favorite slide:

How often are we just asking the wrong questions.

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Thanks for sharing the link, and especially for the feedback on your favorite slide. It’s been fascinating to me to see which part resonates with different people (it isn’t the places I’d have expected). Cheers!

Thanks for the comment.

I’ve been trying to fit my head around what it means to be “lean” and I think that this slide pretty much synthesized what I view it as. The idea isn’t to just throw junk out there, but to start as small as possible so that you can get feedback back and make decisions.

I found the entire presentation to be great. Is there going to be a video of it?

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