Haters Gonna Hate

One thing I will never understand is the need to announce when you are “leaving” something. I know I’ve done it in the past, but I need to stop … and everyone does.

I’m not sure why it has become a common practice to spend time writing up a treatise about why you are leaving a platform/OS/technology for something newer/shinier/ different, but it is depressing.

One really cool thing about technology is that we have choice. It is not just a choice of what we use but a choice to also move onto other things if our interest wane or our needs change.

That’s really cool.

It has not stopped us from still searching out the unicorns in our technology lives. That one magical thing that will forever fix everything that is wrong … be it productivity, popularity, speed, etc.

Then this morning I wake up to Mark Boulton’s Snark and more of the same. More attacking. More complaining. More entitlement. A sad state of affairs.

A little bit of “nice” could go a long way.