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TV Is Broken

Patrick Rhone of Minimal Mac just posted TV Is Broken, and I have to say that I agree. Through the story of his daughter and her encounter with “normal TV”, we learn a lot about how jarring it can be to try and enjoy anything that is currently available on any TV network.

I look forward to a future where we can choose what we want to watch … and all of the choices are there. That future is coming, but it is coming slowly.

One benefit I can already see is that I, as a parent (or my children, as parents, I guess) will have better tools to choose what my kids can watch, when they can watch it, and also more choices as to where they can watch it. That’s something that excites me.

Already we use Netflix more than broadcast TV and we do not subscribe to anything more than “grandma cable” in our house and I feel the better for it (mainly because we save the $40/month to bump up to a higher package).

The main thing I miss out on is sporting events … hopefully we will see the leagues push for no blackouts and streaming-only solutions in the future.