Skyward Sword Day 12: Songs

Another two hours of playing time in the bag and now I’m well over 30 hours for the total game. I was worried that this was going to get slow, but it was surprisingly fun.


Finding the last of the notes was not a huge deal, with the only issue for me being the very last note and needing to find my way to the top of the Great Deku Tree to overturn a stubborn pad. Part one of the song learned and the dragon even cleared out the forest for me so that it was dry again. I’m sure the residents of the forest will thank me later.

Then it was on to Eldin Volcano to find … Eldin. Sadly, you get knocked out of the sky, captured, and all of your gear is stolen.

Cue spy music!

So you head off and get your gear back and finally get to the top of the mountain to find that Eldin is more than willing to jut hand over the song to you. That was nice!


I love the art direction for the dragons in this game. They look kind of funny, which is great.

Finally, off to Lanayru Province to find the last dragon (his name is the same as the province). This time, though, you are greeted to a pile of bones.

Well that’s not going to work.

Luckily, we already know that the timeshift stones can shift time … and those bones had to be alive at some point … so let’s find one of those. Luckily, there is one nearby and you’ll get to follow that powered card all the way around the gorge until finally you meet up with …



You get some hints, take a seedling back to the Sealed Temple, go back in time, plant the seedling, go back to your time, harvest the fruit and then head back to Lanayru and give him the fruit. He then gets better and teaches you the next part of the song.

If you are keeping track … that’s three of three when it comes to pieces of the song you need to learn in order to go back to Levias and learned the last part and finish this thing off!

I was wondering what the song was going to be, but I finally figured it out before I got there. Of course, the Song of the Hero is the main theme from The Legend of Zelda past. Nice touch.

Back to Skyloft and now I have to endure another trial. That’s for later.

The puzzles were great, once again, and I found myself needing to scramble to make sure I didn’t get caught a couple of times. It was overall a good search and ended up being shorter than I thought it was (which was good) and now I’m closer, ever so much closer, to finding the Triforce.