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With CES taking place right now and Apple soon to release their numbers for the holiday quarter, there is a lot of talk about the current mobile industry. There are many people better able to talk about the current state of the industry and many more willing to talk about where they see the industry going.

I’m going to briefly talk about what I would like from the mobile industry.

I’ll start with the low-hanging fruit:

  • lower data prices
  • LTE in rural markets
  • better reliability
  • no data caps (or at least much higher ones)
  • better customer support

Like I said, low-hanging fruit. I think most people would agree that those would be great changes to the overall industry. If this happened, I could see many rural customers ditch their current providers for mobile LTE connections only just because of the speed.

However, how about the devices?

For me, I don’t want a single mobile player to have control of the industry. I don’t want a “Microsoft” for the mobile space, that will be very bad for everyone. Not Apple, not Google, not Microsoft … no one should be able to control greater than 50% of the market at one time.

What I want is three strong players constantly competing with each other to make better devices that serve their customers. Right now I hope that Apple, Google, and Microsoft will go ahead and do that, each holding between 20% – 40% of the smartphone market at any given time.

That’s what I want from My Mobile Industry.

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I would like a better tiered system that balances data prices with data usage. Given the raping of the smartphone customer today with outrageous high prices, you would think reliability and especially customer support would be much better. Thanks Bob.

That would be best.

Sadly, a lot of times, customer service is the very first thing to get cut in response to profits falling. It should be the LAST thing because a happy customer brings more customers (I think Apple’s investments in that through their Apple Stores should be indicative of this).

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