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Integrating Data and Systems to Support Next-Generation Enterprise IT

Integrating Data and Systems to Support Next-Generation Enterprise IT from EDUCAUSE

A colleague of mine stated these things tend to swing back-and-forth when it comes to enterprise systems being either consolidated into monoliths and distributed into “best of breed” solutions being integrated with some sort of middleware systems.

Right now, with the proliferation of software services across a variety of architectures, it looks to be swinging away from monolithic ERP systems to a suite of applications serving the needs of individual departments.

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How To Become A Learning Machine: My Tips For Reading More

How To Become A Learning Machine: My Tips For Reading More by David Cancel

The one big takeaway for me is that I should probably look at being more purposeful both with my reading and with my note-taking. I have left a lot in those books, and forgotten a lot in my head, which could be useful going forward.

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Make the open web cool again?

It looks like the open web is having a sort of renaissance in certain segments of the web. You can read some articles from John Gruber, Dave Winer, and Joe Cieplinski.

The term open web is amorphous and means many things to many different people, so trying to nail down a single definition and meaning is akin to nailing Jello to a wall so I’m not going to try to do it.

However, I will throw my hate in the ring and state that I have similar questions about where the web is headed and the continued increase in influence the largest of companies. Google, Facebook, Amazon, and others do not seem willing to concede control to users and this worries me.


Student’s Aren’t Coddled. They’re Defeated.

Student’s Aren’t Coddled. They’re Defeated. from Inside Higher Ed

There is quite a bit that I like in this article, but I think there is the possibility that this is not an either/or but a both/and sort of thing.

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And just like that …

graduation imageI know this blog has been extremely quiet over the past two years, but I am hoping to get back into writing a little bit more going forward …

… and that is because I completed my Master of Arts in IT Leadership from The College of St. Scholastica this past week and graduated on Saturday.  With that is the rear view mirror I can turn some of my attention to other things (like a new daughter, house improvements, my family, etc.). For now, I have updated my Now page.

So, hang tight!