Category: Business

  • Sometimes They Get It

    Ken Seagall writes about DirectTV’s newest ads at Observarory, and I largely agree with him. You can view the ad he embed below: You can ask my wife, but the first time I saw this commercial I was laughing the whole time. It is simply one of the best commercials I have seen in a […]

  • Mozilla Announces Firefox ESR

    Mozilla has announced the Firefox Extended Support Release. More information will be coming out soon, but what I can find basically states that instead of a rolling, 6-week release schedule of the mainline Firefox release, the ESR version will be once a year and then security and critical updates will come out during the whole […]

  • Killing an Industry

    Warner Brothers Will Make Netflix, Redbox, Blockbuster Wait Longer for New Movies – Peter Kafka, All Things D Go ahead and read the article. Basically, Warner Brothers is going to double the wait time for DVD rental distributors in order to try and increase lagging DVD sales. Can I just go out on a limb […]

  • Onward 2012

    2011 was a crazy year. Lived with grandparents for one-and-a-half months Bought our first house (and moved into it) Ran three 5Ks (one with Laura, which was amazing) Painted most of the rooms in the house Mowed a lot of lawn (then watched it all die) Birth of our second son, Levi John Jamis’s second […]

  • Internet Explorer to (Finally?) Auto Update

    Ryan Gavin over at Exploring IE has announced that Internet Explorer is going to auto update from this point forward. Can I get a huge “FINALLY” from the choir! I think this is a great thing for users and the web development community and will become even more so that farther in our rear-view mirror […]