Sometimes They Get It

Ken Seagall writes about DirectTV’s newest ads at Observarory, and I largely agree with him. You can view the ad he embed below:

You can ask my wife, but the first time I saw this commercial I was laughing the whole time. It is simply one of the best commercials I have seen in a while.

Leaving aside whether the claims from DirecTV are true or not, I just find the simple execution of the “worst case scenario” to  be extremely funny.

I say “well done DirecTV, well done”.

Business Technology

Mozilla Announces Firefox ESR

Mozilla has announced the Firefox Extended Support Release. More information will be coming out soon, but what I can find basically states that instead of a rolling, 6-week release schedule of the mainline Firefox release, the ESR version will be once a year and then security and critical updates will come out during the whole of that year for that version.

Starting with Firefox 10 (which will be the first ESR release), every year there will be another ESR release that will follow the same version number as the Firefox that is being released then (for now, that would mean Firefox 17 in 2013 and Firefox 24 in 2014). Then x.0.x releases would come out during the whole of the year for security issues, mainly coinciding with rolling in the security fixes of each new Firefox release: Firefox ESR 10.0.1 would include the fixes from Firefox 11, Firefox ESR 10.0.2 from Firefox 12, 10.0.3 from 13 … you get the idea.

This will not be advertised through the Mozilla site but available through their Enterprise wiki page. You can read the draft of the proposal at their wiki as well.

This is great news and I think a good compromise for businesses and other organizations instead of needing to work around the rapid release of the mainline Firefox.

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Killing an Industry

Warner Brothers Will Make Netflix, Redbox, Blockbuster Wait Longer for New MoviesPeter Kafka, All Things D

Go ahead and read the article. Basically, Warner Brothers is going to double the wait time for DVD rental distributors in order to try and increase lagging DVD sales.

Can I just go out on a limb here and predict that this isn’t going to work. Actually, it might just decrease DVD sales even more? I’m guessing that increasing the time from 28 days to 56 days might just increase piracy instead of DVD sales.

It baffles me how these companies can keep shooting themselves in the foot and not embrace technology. We’re not even talking about new technology here, we’re talking about DVD rentals!


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Onward 2012

2011 was a crazy year.

  • Lived with grandparents for one-and-a-half months
  • Bought our first house (and moved into it)
  • Ran three 5Ks (one with Laura, which was amazing)
  • Painted most of the rooms in the house
  • Mowed a lot of lawn (then watched it all die)
  • Birth of our second son, Levi John
  • Jamis’s second birthday
  • Celebrated 5 years of marriage
  • Set up my first real, permanent home office
  • Started up my personal business again
  • Helped with harvest on the farm
  • Pushed out the first major website revision for MLC since 2005
  • A lot of traveling to and from Wisconsin to visit the best in-laws ever
  • Lots of other stuff

That’s just the stuff I can remember.

Laura and I have both said we are looking forward to a 2012 that is a little bit less crazy, and a little more settled than we have ever had. We’ve only lived in one other place for more than 9 months (I think that is the correct amount of time), and we will be celebrating one year in our house on Valentine’s Day. That’s an accomplishment for us. It is also comforting to know that this house is the only one Levi has known, and the one that Jamis has stayed in the longest as well.

Even Molly likes it (I think).

So onward to 2012! Here are some things I’m hoping to accomplish this coming year (the first batch comes from Resolutions over at We Are Martens):

  • Drink less pop (this is a recurring one for me … )
  • Replace all of the water piping in the house
  • Grow my personal business 50%
  • Get better at doing work outside
  • Walk more (and to more places)
  • Replace bulbs in the house when the burn out (right away)
  • Do more little things for my wife
  • Finally incorporate Deck78 (after killing Replosion when we moved to WI)
  • Learn how to program (that’s kind of vague)
  • Speak at two conferences or meetings (did one in 2011)
  • Get a better backup system in place at home
  • Build Laura the photography website she has been asking about
  • Start and finish the website for the MVL Lightning Dance Team
  • Pitch new websites to four new clients
  • Continue helping people learn how to incorporate technology into their lives
  • Lots of other stuff

I’m excited for what 2012 is going to bring. For the first time in a long while I feel like I have a better handle on my state of mind and am more settled and ready/able to take on new things.

Onward 2012!

Business Technology

Internet Explorer to (Finally?) Auto Update

Ryan Gavin over at Exploring IE has announced that Internet Explorer is going to auto update from this point forward.

Can I get a huge “FINALLY” from the choir!

I think this is a great thing for users and the web development community and will become even more so that farther in our rear-view mirror Windows XP becomes. There are two issues that remain, however:

  1. Windows XP still can only update to Internet Explorer 8
  2. Enterprises and IT outfits can opt-out

A great step in the right direction, but we can still be held back by enterprise users. It might be a needed concession, but still a concession.