How to Rands

How to Rands by Michael Lopp

This is a link to Michael Lopp’s README I wrote of before. There is a lot of good stuff in here. Maybe one day I’ll have this kind of clarity around my own leadership.







2 responses to “How to Rands”

  1. James Keltgen Avatar
    James Keltgen

    This is stellar content! Thank you for sharing!!

    “Some day” my ducks will be in a row and my leadership will have the expectations set forth in a manner such as this. Until then, I’ll use the content to “manage up” and perhaps set expectations for myself in my 1:1’s and team meetings.

    1. Bob Martens Avatar

      That’s what I am planning on doing as well. Even as only a self-reflection, I am hoping it helps to point out why I have issues in certain contexts and with certain behaviors. Just understanding that part would be beneficial … for me.