Why It’s Okay To Do Less & Talk More

Why It’s Okay To Do Less & Talk More by Trevor McKendrick

I have definitely come around to the idea that it is OK to talk through ideas more than originally thought. This is the kicker:

And with every iteration of talking about the idea you actually understand the idea better. A new idea is this delicate thing, a mere thought floating in a single person’s head unprotected from criticism.

Ideas need other people to be tested.



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2 responses to “Why It’s Okay To Do Less & Talk More”

  1. curtismchale Avatar

    This is part of what I do on my site. Work out what I think about things. Why you see repeat topics with little adjustments.

    1. Bob Martens Avatar

      It makes a lot of sense. You need to be able to work through things and hope that it turns out better in the end.

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