Thoughts on iPad Air

I’ve had my iPad Air for almost a week and I do have some thoughts on the overall experience so far:

  • Maybe the greatest “win” so far is the A7. Everything is so much smoother and you definitely get a feeling that then A7 is a big step up from the silicon Apple as putting out before. So nice.
  • I was balking at picking up a full size iPad again! but I am happy that I did. So far I’ve already used the iPad Air in some situations I would have never dreamed of using my iPad mini (mainly focused around typing on the onscreen keyboard).
  • If you are looking for a case to use with the iPad Air, I recommend one with a four-fold cover. It allows you to putt he cover behind and still use it with one hand and also just fir with the larger iPad better. I’ve had a three-fold and a four-fold case to try, and I will be keeping the four-fold case for certain. This also means I will not pick up one of the Apple cases.
  • I finally attached this iPad to our AT&T Mobile Share plan so now it will be interesting to see if it changes where I work since I will have LTE connectivity wherever I go even without tethering. Mobile Share makes it almost a no-brainer to have a cellular iPad.
  • My initial thoughts in iOS still hold true. I seriously consider those people touting an “iPad Pro” or “iOS Pro” to be maybe the greatest threat to making iOS better. Let iOS be iOS and OS X be OS X. Keep sharing but keep them separate.

I’m excited because I’ve eliminated another hinge from my computing experience … it also makes that Mac Pro just a little bit more justifiable.

Alright, I’m half-kidding in that last part.

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HAHAHAHA! Keep on dreaming about the Pro. But seriously, when MacBooks or iMacs are as powerful as they are can a person really ever justify the Pro?

Trying to decide if I should upgrade to an Air for my music stuff and hand off the iPad3 to the kids for Lego lookups and games. Still on the fence a bit for that.

I think it might be a wash at the moment for that application. The screen is amazing for certain, but if you can hold out for the A8 + TouchID, you might want to do so.

Mac Pro? I can think of some uses for it … especially all of those Thunderbolt ports!

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