Siri’s Comeback

When originally released,  I did not use Siri all that much besides checking to see what would be thrown back at me when I asked a strange question … or to see if she can understand my boys better than I can.

However, something changes about two months ago and now I use Siri every day, multiple time a day, and I expect her to work every time. That’s a big change for me as I always expected Siri to get it wrong in the past.

I’m not a power user by any means, but the things Siri allows me to do quickly and easily make her an invaluable resource.

Here is how I use Siri:

  • Set timers for many different things (cooking, the laundry, keeping track of time for the boys, reminding myself to do something in the near future, etc.).
  • Create initial calendar events.
  • Create tasks in Reminder.

I also make heavy use of the dictation feature of iOS while I am holding my newest son. However, a good portion of my day is made easier by allowing me to just dictate to Siri the above things and then let the algorithms take care of the rest.

4 replies on “Siri’s Comeback”

Two months ago? That’s about when we started wearing gloves. I think you just got lazy and didn’t want cold hands.

No, that would be the last two WEEKS for me.

It is true, however, that it coincides me me trying to find ways not to have to type as much. Siri handles that with aplomb.

You just made me realize something… I’ve been opening Fantastical and dictating in the app – I probably should just be having Siri create the events. Cut out some steps. Fantastical’s algorithm for creating events may be better, though.

Other than that, we are aligned – alarms and reminders, and dictation when holding my son.

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