On iPhone

Apple had a little event this past Tuesday.

Yes, every word is a different link. Really, you don’t need to bother clicking them, you probably know everything I just linked to anyway.

If you want to read some pundit writing and analysis, then you can take a look at these three pieces:

Yes, they are all Apple fans, so keep that in mind. I really don’t have a ton to add to that, so I’ll let them stand on their own. I DO recommend, out of the three, reading the one by Ben Thompson. They are all good, but I thought his take on everything was especially keen.

I’ll just end with a few words about what I am going to do with Apple’s new product announcements and how I will steer people with the new entrants into their product lineup.

First, I’m sticking with my iPhone 5 because I’m on-contract right now and I really don’t have the need to pay for an unlocked phone. It is just not going to happen. The iPhone 5, even with the iOS 7 GM on it, is really fast and by the time it starts getting slow, I’ll be able to pick up whichever iPhone is new at that time. I’m not someone who needs to update every cycle.

Second, the new iPhone 5s looks awesome. The additions are subtle in one sense and far-reaching in another. The speed increases are always welcome, but the subtle changes to the camera along with the added M7 coprocessor are more subtle and more far-reaching.

However, the iPhone 5c is the phone I will probably be recommending to most people who ask “which iPhone should I get when my contract is up”. I am saying that without having actually used one, but from the sounds of it, the polycarbonate (read: plastic) case might just hold up a little better than the glass or glass + aluminum back of the iPhone 4/4S/5/5s era. The iPhone 5 innards they have stuck in there are also quite fast, and the inclusion of a 32 GB model at $199 means that you can get twice the storage on your iPhone for what a “low-end” iPhone 5 used to cost.

Like I said, I need to take a look and feel what the 5c is like, but it looks like an awesome device for someone who wants an iPhone … not necessarily the newest or “best” iPhone.