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Not Being Seen

Invisible IT is the title of a post put up by Nate Beran. It pretty clearly defines what is sometimes the hardest part about working in IT: improvements not being seen or noticed.

Many times improvements can be made, and even noticed, but the first thought isn’t to seek out those who made the improvements, but to actually continue to get work done. I think that is an issue for almost any department outside of those who scream the loudest about every little thing.

I think part of it is even perpetuated by IT departments themselves. We strive to have the least amount of downtime, the fewest number of people noticing, automate as much as possible … you get the idea. We are always tossing about the idea of “making technology invisible” so people can get their work done, and that is a valiant goal, but this is part of what comes along with it.

Sadly, the things that excite IT don’t always excite everyone else. Most of the time that means we are the ones who need to adapt … or make some more noise.

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That just about sums it up. I love IT Crowd, hits close to home at times.

I think that is a major portion of it, though. Usually you are not going to hear anything unless it is not working. Nevermind the hours upon hours upon hours where it is working, but those five minutes are the only thing people will remember.

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