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Trimming the Fat

Mr. Scatterbrain

Looking at my account at DNSimple, I have something like 5 domain names that are just sitting idly by, not dong anything in particular, and a number of sites that are currently up-and-running but that I haven’t done anything new with in a while and probably won’t do anything with for a long time.

For some reason, this has been and is weighing heavily on my mind and my psyche. Having things perpetually “on the back burner” tends to bash around inside my head, popping up at inopportune times and causing all sorts of issues. I’ve had some issues sleeping, my mood has deteriorated, I’ve had problems focusing on projects … and the list goes on. I’m not going to blame the number of “balls in the air” solely for this, but it is something to be aware of.

So it is time to do a number of things to try to help myself out of this extended rut:

  1. Trim the number of extra projects I am a part of. This could be something as simple as disabling the auto-renewal of domain names I’m never going to use or as drastic as actually taking-offline sites which I know I will not have the time nor energy to really be a part of.
  2. Trim the number of social networks I am actively a part of an engaged in. As far back as a week ago that included Twitter,, Facebook, and Google+. Yeah, not a good idea. I’ve already removed Google+ from my iOS devices so I’m done with that one, but I think I need to trim even more. I will also remove any native applications from my laptop/desktop computers (for Twitter and so that I can try to curb my usage when I am at my desk(s).
  3. Curb my news consumption. This might include unfollowing or unfriending (what a terrible term) people so that I am not as tempted to read news articles. I want to be informed, but currently “staying informed” usually results in “feeling like crud”.
  4. Do away with ebooks as primary reading material. As a “technology person” I’ve been trying to force myself to use ebooks as my primary reading medium … but as ME, it just doesn’t fit. I’ve found my comprehension is worse and my stamina tanks when I am reading an ebook. I’m not sure if I’m just crazy (quite possible) or if there is just something about dead-tree books that calls out and helps me. Either way, I’m back to using dead trees for information consumption for long periods of time.
  5. Get back into keeping track of what I have to do … somehow. Use a notebook, use Things, use blood on the wall.
  6. FINISH SOMETHING. This part happens after I trim things down … but actually get into the habit of finishing things. I have books half-read, apps half-started, ideas half-throught-through and I need to sit down and finish something.

Personally, as I sit here, I think that #6 is going to be the one hardest for me to accomplish and the one that will do the most good in the end. Everything above will have some sort of effect on me, but the last fine, actually finishing something, will get some momentum going again.