Ubuntu Shows off Tablet OS

tablet-multi-taskingIt was going to happen at some point, but today Ubuntu, with Mark Shuttleworth at the helm, released a video and area of its website about its work on providing a tablet-optimized experience for its OS. This is on the heels of another such announcement earlier about a phone-optimized experience as well.

It seems to demo pretty well but the proof will have to be in what the OS feels like when actually using it.

The idea of a single OS, a single install, moving from phone, to tablet, to PC, to TV is an interesting one (and one that Microsoft seems to agree with in principle), and I happen to consider Linux and Ubuntu my second-choice OS after Apple’s offerings, so this is kind of exciting to me.

I’m considering getting a Nexus device to take a look at what the tablet offering might end of being like. My hope is that with the quick development that Ubuntu seems to pride itself in, there might be a third or fourth leg to this increasingly interesting mobile space.