Not Innovation

Go ahead and read How Idiotic People Can Be When It Comes to Innovation over at iHKDesign.

It is a critique of an article on CNN about innovation, specifically as it relates to Apple and Samsung. However, put that aside for a moment and read his critiques and apply them to something that is not so fraught with emotion and stupidity: Google vs. Yahoo when Google was young.

Google would have been considered the less complex at the time, but many consider and considered it to be far more innovative than Yahoo based sometimes on only the homepage. A single search box giving you access to the entirety of the Google catalog.

Much of that is still around today. Making things complex doesn’t make them more innovative, many times making things seemingly more simple is the harder and more innovative task.

Don’t get caught up in thinking innovation is only increased complexity. Sometimes it is working to hide that complexity that is truly more innovative and transformative.