Happenings in TextMate 2

While looking around at the open Issues on GitHub for TextMate 2 I happened upon a discussion about redoing the UI for the main TextMate window. Here is what they are currently working on:

So pretty. Just an all-around awesome update for the main window. There is also a little bit of discussion about extending theme support to the file browser so that some customization can take place. That’s pretty cool.

Maybe more exciting is the talk about a split-pane feature being brought to TextMate 2. Here is the mockup (I’m not 100% sure if they have code in place for it yet) of what the split-pane feature might become:

Very cool. It ties into the redoing of the main window because the tabs would be combined together so that they are grouped within the panes, which is a nice touch. Overall, I like what I am seeing.

With these two things, seemingly, coming in the future and the recent 64-bit build being released I am a very happy TextMate 2 user and the amount of transparency from the development group is very appreciated.