What I Want from Apple

Apple released its quarterly earnings today, but they are boring (you can find more here … but they made a lot of money again). The real news, for me, is that Mountain Lion is going to be released tomorrow (July 25)!

Well, at least I know what my weekend is going to look like.

Here are some other things I wish Apple would release tomorrow:

  • An updated Mac mini so that I can finally start trying to convince my wife that I need a development machine. I’ve been waiting on this little guy since WWDC because I would really like for it to be a little faster than the current 13″ MacBook Pro that I have and it would be nice to have USB 3.0 as well. I can wait, however, and I really doubt that Apple is going to release it tomorrow (even though it would only be a minor update).
  • If the Mac mini would get an update, you could probably expect an iMac update as well. It would be along the same lines because they will be holding out any cosmetic changes for the iMac until they can throw a Retina display in there. That won’t be for a little while yet, but a boost in speed and USB 3.0 would be nice additions.
  • Can we please get iWork ’12 (or something)? I would love to get iCloud support (and Retina for those who want it) so that I could move more of my work to the iPad. iWork ’09 is still my go-to application for word processing or spreadsheet wrangling, but an update is needed.

That’s really it. iLife could probably use a refresh soon, but I would expect that to be released later this year, probably around October or so (much like it was refreshed in later 2010 when the MacBook Air was unveiled again). I’m really holding out for small updates to the desktops tomorrow and then … let the dealing begin!

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Agreed. But updates also need to be worthwhile and not like the iphone 3 to 3gs or 4 to 4s updates like they’ve been doing. They’ve been better with the ipad, but still, there wasn’t any reason for me to upgrade to the 2 from the 1, and the “3” still didn’t seem like enough to justify the expense (I have the 64gb version). The only reason I’m considering upgrading my ipt3 is because it won’t support ios6 and I could use the old one to run my xm skydock and play in my car only — ie, appless, thus increasing that space for music/audiobooks.

If you are looking for crappy flashy updates, I’d probably look elsewhere. I’m hoping they release something to replace the current iPod Touch come this Fall, but I wouldn’t hold my breath on that.

The new iPad is really a game-changing device, and I can’t wait to look at the new MacBook Pro with Retina Display … these high-res screens at any size are really exciting.

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