What I Got from Apple

Looking back at my last post, this is the final tally:

  • Obviously, Apple released Mountain Lion and I’ve been running it on everything that I have my hands on (including my mom’s machine as well) and have been very happy with it. A lot of small tweaks make for a larger update than I was expecting. I’m going to be using Reminders quite a bit in my everyday work and personal life.
  • No iWork ’12 (or whatever), but iWork 9.3 was pushed out yesterday bringing the two features I was most interested in: Retina graphics and iCloud support. That’s not too bad. I still hope that they will bring out a larger upgrade in the future, but this takes care of the two huge holes in iWork for the moment.
  • No Mac mini or iMac update. Sadness.

That’s about it. I need to use Mountain Lion a while longer before I can form any concrete opinions about it but initial thoughts are all good.