More Thoughts on the Wii U

After reading a few more articles on the Wii U, here are some more thoughts on the Wii U.

  • The Wii U is starting to feel like it could be the final gasp for Nintendo and console-grade hardware. Both Microsoft and Sony are working on the next-next-next-gen of their consoles and either Google or Apple decides to push gaming on their TV offerings it is going to get very crowded very fast.
  • Price might be more important than I originally thought. The gamepad is going to cost something, and if you want/need two of them, that’s going to cost even more. The number of controllers you can have for the system is only going to make it more difficult.
  • Would Nintendo move to mobile-only or software-only if the Wii U fails? Do they have cash reserves to be able to R&D another home console? What is Nintendo without their own hardware? What does that company look like?