Contrived Apple Kerfuffles

A week away and so much crud being written about technology. I’ll just comment briefly on the main Apple controversies that erupted over that time.

Non-upgradability of new MacBook Pro

Honestly? I think Apple was very clear with where they were headed with every single design they have rolled out since the … iMac? This is a complete non-issue. If you don’t like what Apple is selling, go elsewhere.

Here are two articles that pretty much echo my thoughts on this completely:

It is just not a big deal at all. Next please?

Sandbox Rules in the Mac App Store

I think Apple has been pretty transparent about their application stores that it is meant for the average consumer. On iOS you don’t have an option … besides jail-breaking the device.

On OS X, you do (and you still will after Mountain Lion).

Which is why TextExpander going away from the App Store makes perfect sense and is a complete non-story … again.

Ben Brooks over at The Brooks Review pretty much pulled his thoughts from my mind.

There are always going to be apps that I need to go outside of the App Store to grab for my Mac because that is how I use my Mac. It would be immensely useful if every piece of software could be downloaded through the App Store, but Apple has decided to leave open the ability for people to install software outside of the App Store and the rules are going to push out programs because there is another avenue.

It is a non-story for the Mac because there IS an alternative.