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Thoughts on Trello

I’ve been using Things for Mac to handle my “project management” for a while now, but it felt like trying to fit a round peg in a square hole … or a square peg in a round hole (whichever is harder).

So a friend of mine (hey Dan) invited me to a board over at Trello. I didn’t quite “get it” at first, but after spending the better part of an afternoon really playing around with the service and moving some stuff over there it really started to click.

So I’ve moved all of my project management “stuff” over there.

Granted, it isn’t a lot, but I have a few boards floating around in various stages of “usefulness”. I’ll just briefly outline how I manage a project currently:

  • Setup an organization for a number of projects (right now I have one for Deck78 and one for Martin Luther College)
  • Create one board per project (MLC Website, any products I’m working on, etc.)
  • Edit the labels to fit what the board needs
    • Usually I have Emergency as red, Bug as orange, and Feature as green … the others are fluid
  • Create cards as needed
  • Move cards between the To Do, Doing, and Done lists
  • Profit?

That’s about it. I I have a board for our home projects and also one for This One Podcast, I’m hoping it will help keep things in order a little bit more.

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Trello is cool isn’t it. I’m using a lower tech version on my pin board at work – waiting for it to catch on so I can hit them with Trello.

That’s a good idea. I’m using it for just myself at MLC right now before I try and bring some other people in. I like the simplicity of the concepts and the ease of explaining it:

Think of a board with sticky notes on it … that’s what we’re doing.

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