Reinventing Education

Please watch this video about Kahn Academy. This might not be the future of education, but it is at least someone trying to push some traditional boundaries.

For me, the most eye-opening thing was the data that was available for people to look at (at this point, teachers), and how amazing it was to see how students varied in how quickly they moved through material not just in general, but each individual student hitting some bumps but then accelerating.

It was just really impressive.






2 responses to “Reinventing Education”

  1. Perry Lund Avatar
    Perry Lund

    This is part of and a step forward to the future of education. My wife’s public school is moving to a 1:1 program in the fall. In a meeting yesterday afternoon, a 20 minute argument ensured about whether to require students to use iWork or MS Office on the MacBooks they are getting. How sad and short sighted our teachers are in this regard.

    1. Bob Martens Avatar

      Missing the forest for the trees that is.

      Really, just have them use TextEdit and be happy. 😉