New Opterons Aim Low

Tom’s IT Pro has a look at the new AMD Opteron 3200 series processors that are taking aim at web hosts and other low-power usages.

Starting at under $100 and having both 4 and 8-core options, I like where AMD is headed here. At least it puts some pressure on Intel in at least one segment of the processor market.

I know that the most pleasing spec has to be the 45W and 65W TDP for the processors. That is low, and at the price, is going to be hard to beat.

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I also like this. Right now, Intel does have the edge on the high-powered (gaming) CPUs, but, AMD has reached into the low-powered market with these server chips and their new integrated cpu/graphics deals. My laptop with an Intel core just sucks power, even when doing “normal” things. Even with a 12-cell battery I can only expect 3-4 hours of life, unless I turn down everything and throttle speed to the unbearable setting (as in 20 seconds to launch firefox).

They need to keep pushing lower. ARM is eating both Intel’s and AMD’s lunch as far as mobile is concerned and unless they can push further than even Atom had gotten they are going to be pushed out in the end.

Lower power is a good thing. Lower power with more cores and comparable performance is better.

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