Google+ + Google Search is …

From TechCrunch we get “Google Fuses Google+ Into Search — And There Are Bigger Changes Afoot”.

I might be paranoid (still looking at maybe getting clinically checked for that one), but this just seems like a very slippery slope. Essentially Google+ “stuff” (pictures, links, etc.) are going to be getting high(er)-billing in Google search results.

It’s disconcerting because it means that Google+ stuff is going to be giving special treatment, if your stuff is not on Google+ then it will get bumped down below whatever that persons’s Google+ activity has been sharing.

So, SEO is now going to shift to trying to get as much stuff on Google+ in order to try and get into that very seductive personalized area on a person’s search page. Another land rush is on the way (just like Facebook Pages were in the not-so-distant past).

I’m probably blowing this out of proportion, but it just sounds a little suspect. Sometimes, personalization is not the key and I think that general web search is one of those things.

Bah, I’m just an old man.