Summary: iPhone 4S grabs the spotlight at Apple event

If you want to read about what was announced at the event, read the above link. It’s from Macworld and they will take care of you. I won’t recount everything that was announced, but I will hit on a theme I’ve already been reading from sone people that think unicorns really do exist.

Yes, it has been an unusually long time between iPhone releases and I’m fairly certain that Apple would have loved to sell you a new iPhone 4S back in June, but that does not mean that the hardware was the blocker for the release this time around.

The iPhone 4S was never going to launch without iOS 5, and iOS 5 was never going to launch without iCloud. Any one of those three could have been the holdup on this event. Trying to get all three to get not the same schedule was not just audacious, perhaps a mistake to some extent (or maybe, it could have been).

All I’m saying is that you can cry about the iPhone 4S having the same look as the iPhone 4, but that doesn’t mean this phone wasn’t ready in June and that something else was blocking the launch.