Paying for TextMate 2.0

Marco Arment posted this letter over on his blog yesterday.

The basic gist of the letter is that he would like to encourage Allan Odgaard (well, Macromates) to charge for TextMate 2.0, even though he has promised the 2.0 will be a free upgrade for any registered users of the current version.

While I’m not going to comment on whether he should change his stance and charge for version 2.0, I am making a pledge that I will pay for a new license when TextMate 2.0 ships if I deem it my full-time editor for the future.

My text editor is the single most important tool that I use every day, and I will gladly pay to use it. This also goes for any other editor that I choose in the future, whether open source or not. I will pay (in money or time) to use the tools that I enjoy.

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I use TextMate for everything, even for word documents there is a 50% chance I would be using it over Pages or Word. If I actually have to do any formatting, I might copy and past it into one of those apps at a later date.

I bought TextMate with the first MacHeist Bundle, so according to the FAQ, I’ll probably have to pay an upgrade fee when it is released, but I honestly wouldn’t mind paying the full price, since I know how useful the product is.

I just happen to like paying for tools that I use. According to what has been said, we should both see an Alpha before the end of the year and get to look at things from there. Hoping for the best.

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